We at Crossroads Animal Hospital believe in preventative care to include the prevention of unwanted litters, certain cancers, uterine infection, and undesirable behaviors in our pets. A NON-REFUNDABLE $25.00 deposit is required to schedule the surgery and is subtracted from the balance due after surgery is performed.   All patients will be tattooed ( scoring of outer layer of skin with green ink  near the spay/neuter incision).    *****PLEASE ALLOW 15MINUTES FOR DROP OFF AND PICKUP***

Cats :

Spay-- $110.00 includes anesthesia, surgery, pain inj, pain meds for 2 days

Neuter -- $69.00 includes anesthesia, surgery, pain inj, pain meds for 2 days

*****( If you're bringing multiple cats, they must be in separate carriers)*****

Dogs :

Spay -- $189.00

**Includes anesth, surgery, pain inj, pain meds for 2 days, with a written Rx for additional pain meds
Add'l $25 for pregnant or In-Heat

Neuter -- $189.00

**Includes anesthesia, surgery, pain inj, pain meds for 2 days.
Add'l  $35 for inguinal cryptorchid,  $55 for Abdominal Cryptorchids  (undescended testes)

Rabbits :

Spay -- $258.00 includes anesthesia, surgery, pain injection only (bring leafy veggie for post-op meal) 

Neuter -- $258.00 includes, anesthesia, surgery, pain injection only (bring leafy veggie for post-op meal) 

***Owners may request additional pain medication for their rabbits (Meloxicam) for an add'l charge (4 -day course)

(Rabbits must be at least 2.5 lbs regardless of age)

***Rabbit owners must provide a leafy veggie or pelleted food for your rabbit to consume immediately post-op***    NO FASTING IS NECESSARY

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Other Services :



Heartworm Test

Extract Baby Teeth - $35 +

Umbilical Hernia Repair- $45+ 

E - Collar - Price varies with size of Patient

 Dewclaw Removal - $35+

Deworming -  Price Based on patient weight

Nail Trim - FREE with surgery

**We will accept dog & cats that weigh 2.5 lbs or are at least 10 weeks of age**. Patient must not be showing any signs of sickness.*

**All dogs and cats must be current on their vaccinations(age appropriate). All patients will get a brief physical exam. We also recommend Bordetella(Kennel Cough) vaccination for dogs as well. We reserve the right to refuse services if your pet is sick, to include coughing, excessive sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, fever. If your pet is not current on Distemper we will administer the vaccination at the time of surgery. Please bring proof of vaccination history if any. Please inform us of any other services your pet needs. (vaccine booster, nail trim, fecal, heartworm test, microchip etc.). If no history or proof of vaccines, they will be administered to the patient at the owner's expense.

Post-Operative Tips

All pets should be confined indoors and use leash for toileting for at least 3 days after surgery to prevent contamination of the surgery site. Males should not be allowed to lick their incisions. An anti-lick or e-collar can be placed around the neck to discourage licking. Please observe your pet for any major swelling, oozing of fluid, or severe bleeding post-op. You pet may experience nausea/vomiting for first 24 hours post-op. Your pet's appetite may lessen, but in 48-72 hours your pet should be back to normal. Please administer and finish the pain medication for your pet. Pets are in some degree of pain after surgery even if they don't act like it.

All sutures placed at the surgery site will be hidden and absorbable, meaning they will melt away, so no suture/stitch removal is needed. We will only apply skin sutures if we have to make an extensive incision, for example if the patient is pregnant.

Still skeptical about Spay/ Neuter? Click Here for more facts and myths

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