Is It Urgent?

***See the bottom of our page for prohibited food and toxic plants****

Primary Symptom Your Pet should be seen in....
Abscess 24-48 hrs
Antifreeze Exposure/Ingestion Immediately
Behavior Change, gradual/ acute onset in 1 week/ 24-48 hr
Birthing, 3+ hrs between puppies Immediately
Birthing, Kittens, 2+ hrs between kittens Observe, as some queens birth kittens 24 hrs after onset of labor
Birthing, bleeding up to 12hrs after Immediately
Birthing, Straining for 3+ hrs, no kit/pup Immediately
Bleeding, non-stop Immediately
Bleeding, in feces where patient is otherwise normal 24-48hrs
Blindness, acute/progressive Immediately
Blood in Urine Immediately
Breathing rapidly, >40 BPM at rest Immediately
Broken Limbs Immediately
Burn, Chemical or Thermal Immediately
Chewing Gum/Mint Ingestion Immediately
Constipation, > 2 days, otherwise normal 24 hrs
Coughing Fits Immediately
Coughing Intermittently 3-5 days
Coughing Regularly 24hrs
Crying while Urinating Immediately
Defecation, inappropriately 3-5 days
Depression/Lethargy Immediately
Diarrhea with Vomitting Immediately
Diarrhea 2+ days Immediately
Diarrhea, bloody or jelly-like Immediately
Discharge from Ears w/Odor 24hrs
Discharge from Ears w/no Odor 2-4 days
Distress Immediately
Dizziness w/Head tilt, or walking in circles 24 hrs
Dizziness w/ Lethargy and depression Immediately
Drowning, (near drowning) Immediately
Eating, constantly with Urinating Excessively 24-48 hrs
Eating, constantly, but losing weight 5 days
Exposure to Tylenol (Acetominophen), Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen Immediately
Exposure to Lawn chemicals, detergents, insecticides Immediately
Eye problems (red, squinting, pawing at eye, bulging, discharge) Immediately
Fainting (Syncope) Immediately
Fleas, Large numbers 24hrs
Frequent attempts to Urinate, none produced Immediately
Frequent attempts to Urinate, normal or scant amt 24 hrs
Gums, pale- same color as teeth Immediately
Halitosis (Bad Breath) 5-7 days
Head Tilt, acute/ gradual Immediately/5 days
Heat Exhaustion Immediately
Hiding, sudden onset, not eating, personality change, ticks 24 hrs
Hypothermia (extreme cold exposure) Immediately
Ingestion, Antifreeze, Rodenticide, other known poisons Immediately
Ingestion, Lily, Poinsettia, Diffenbachia, other poisonous plants Immediately
Ingestion, String or toy Immediately
Intolerance during exercise, sudden 24 hrs
Jaundice (Icterus) Immediately
Kittens, < 4 weeks old, any illness Immediately
Lameness, otherwise normal 24-48hrs
Laryngitis 24 hrs
Lethargy,sudden onset Immediately
Limping, won't put weight on affected limb 24 hrs
Lumps/Bumps, otherwise normal 5-7 days
Not Eating, sudden onset, cat, behavioral change, ticks Immediately
Not Eating, patient is obese 24 hrs
Not Eating, yellow gums Immediately
Not Eating, for 2-3 days Immediately
Not Eating, for 24 hr but drinking 24 hrs
Not Urinating for 12-18hrs, lethargy, not eating/drinking Immediately
Not Urinating for 24hrs, otherwise eating/normal 24 hrs
Open Mouth Breathing at rest, as in distress (not panting) Immediately
Pain, sudden onset, cat, lethargy, hiding, personality changes, ticks Immediately
Pain, chronic, otherwise normal  2-4 days
Pain, intermittent, otherwise normal 24 hrs
Pain, severe Immediately
Pawing at face/ears constantly, cannot get comfortable Immediately
Purplish/Bluish tinge to tongue (not breed-related) Immediately
Scooting (wiping rear end on floor), otherwise normal 3 days
Scratching at Ears, otherwise normal 2-4 days
Seizures Immediately
Shaking Head, otherwise normal 3 days
Sneezing constantly, not eating well 24 hrs
Sneezing constantly, other symptoms Immediately
Sneezing, intermittently, otherwise normal 3 days
Straining to Urinate w/o producing normal amt of urine Immediately
Tapeworms, otherwise normal 2-3 days
Ticks, painful, lethargic, hiding, not eating, personality change Immediately
Toxin Ingestion/Exposure (Rat poison, Slug Bait, OTC/Rx Meds, etc) Immediately
Trauma, (hit by car, fight, a fall, with or w/o bleeding, or broken limbs Immediately
Urinating, frequently w/o normal amt of urine produced Immediately
Urinating, inappropriately, inside house, outside of litter box, otherwise normal 24hrs
Urine, bloody Immediately
Voice Changes, can't meow or bark, otherwise normal 24 hrs
Voice Changes, can't meow or bark, other symptoms Immediately
Vomiting, 3+ episodes in 12hrs , other than a hairball Immediately
Vomiting, more than 2x per month, otherwise normal 3-5 days
Vomiting, pink fluid, not acting normal Immediately
Vomiting, pink fluid, otherwise normal 24 hrs
Walking in Circles, +/- Head tilt, dizziness 24 hrs
Weak or Wobbly Immediately
Weight Gain, for no reason, otherwise normal 3-5 days
Weight Loss, for no reason, otherwise normal 2-4 days
Wound, swelling, feels hot, oozing pus or other liquid 24 hrs
Wound, fresh, open Immediately
Yellow, ears, gums, whites of eyes Immediately


Tylenol (Acetominophen), Orudis (Ketoprofen), Ibuprofen, Aleve (Naproxen), Celebrex(Celecoxib), Cannibis (Pot), Headache Powder, Human Prescriptions, Aspirin (unless directed by your Vet), Ethanol (Drinking alcohol, Beer), Methanol (Rubbing Alcohol), Controlled substances (Unless directed by your Vet), Overdosed/Incorrect Pet Medications and Supplements

Toxic Foods, Plants  & other Poisons:

Grapes, Raisins, Garlic, Onions, Walnuts, Almonds, Macadamia nuts, Chocolate, Caffeinated products, Tobacco, Chewing gum/Candies, Dried Fruits, Bread dough, Fried foods, Gravies, Fat Trimmings, Tomato products, Bones, Fast Food, Apple Cores

Lillies, Poinsettias, Dumbcane, Holly, Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac, Devil's Ivy, Oleander, Philodendron, Mistletoe. ( not an all inclusive list)

Rodent bait, Pesticides, Slug Bait, Live Xmas Tree Water, Antifreeze, Nicotine, Aerosols, Blue/Green Algae, Toad Ingestion, Heavy Metal Exposure (Zinc, Lead, Mercury), Snake/Insect Venom, Strychnine, Arsenic, Batteries, Glow Jewelry, Mothballs, Paintballs, Silica Gel/Dry packs, Play Dough, Corrosives, Household Disinfectants, Construction Supplies

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