Billing, Pet Insurance, Third-Party Financing

Billing Policy

All payments must be rendered when services are provided.  We accept Mastercard, Discover, VISA, American Express, Care Credit and personal checks.  For returned checks a service fee of $25.00 will be charged to account in addition to the amount of the check.  There is a 1.5% per month or 18% per year finance charge added to all balances that are 30 days past due in addition to a $10.00 billing fee added to the unpaid balace each month.  We understand when some medical services may exceed your budget.  You have the option of Third-Party financing, CareCredit.  We also strongly recommend getting pet insurance.

Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance carriers cover routine services such as vaccination, exams, spay/neuters etc.  Pets Best Insurance is our favorite for their excellent policies for less than $35/month and between 70-100% of your vet bill is reimbursed! Pets Best will help cover very expensive or catastrophic conditions with limits of up to $5000 per year for primary veterinary care or specialist care.  Pets Best also has genetic disease coverage as well.   Ask for breed-specific coverages.  We recommend Pet Best Insurance. Check out their 5% Discount.

Third-Party Financing

CareCredit  is a third-party financier that will extend to you either a line of credit or handle the payments on a large unexpected veterinary bill. CareCredit handles its own approvals. You may also use CareCredit for your own medical and dental expenses.

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