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Dallas Veterinary | Dallas In-House Veterinary Laboratory | NC | Crossroads Animal Hospital |


                     Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

3604 Dallas High Shoals Hwy
Dallas, NC 28034
In-House Veterinary Laboratory

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Our in-house veterinary laboratory features the use of the tests below for diagnostics:

Dallas Veterinary | Dallas In-House Veterinary Laboratory | NC | Crossroads Animal Hospital |

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~ Bloodwork: CBC, Full Chemistry Panel, T4 (thyroid level), Electrolytes, Drug Monitoring Panel

~ Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS testing

~ Urinalysis and Sediment examination


~ Cytology of skin, ear, vaginal, and abnormal fluid samples
~ Fecal testing for intestinal parasites, abnormal GI bacteria
~ Occult Heartworm Testing and Screening for Dogs


~Wood's Light to detect Ringworm and other topical fungal diseases

~Fungal Culturing to Diagnose Ringworm

~Skin Scraping to check for mange (Sarcoptes, Demodex, Notoedres)

~Fluoroscein Staining of the eyes to check for corneal ulcers

Lyme, Erhlichia,  testing (tick-borne illnesses)
~ Parvovirus tests
~ Feline heartworm Ag tests

~Pancreatitis Testing


Outside Laboratory Testing includes histopathology (biopsy), culture and sensitivity, hormonal testing, special infectious disease tesing, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Clotting Profiles, Urinary Bladder Stone Identification, Phenobarbital & Bromide levels, Distemper & Parvo titers, Rabies Titers for national/international travel/quarantine, and many more!


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Dallas Veterinary is a certified Veterinary specializing in In-House Veterinary Laboratory, pet hospital, vet clinic, emergency vet and much more in Dallas, NC. We also do Physical Exam, Flea and Tick Prevention, Microchips, Emergency and Specialist Care, Radiology, In-House Veterinary Laboratory, Dental Cleaning, Surgical Procedures, Vaccinations - Dogs, Vaccinations - Cats, Pulse Oximetery Monitor, Senior Pet Wellness, Behavior Counseling, Prescription Diets and all work related in the 28034 area and surrounding areas in Dallas